Ah, crap, I just realized I never bought Perfume World Tour 1st. I don’t know how I let that one slip by. I think I was low on funds when it came out. I still need their first and second tour DVDs/Blu-Rays to complete my collection.

Well, that, and Omajinai/Kareshii…but good luck finding those anywhere.

My Perfume Collection

  • All of the singles except Omajinai Perori/Kareshi Boshuuchuu
  • Spice, Spring of Life, and SAMT are Limited Editions; everything from Mirai no Museum to Sweet Refrain I have both normal and limited edition copies.
  • I have an extra, sealed copy of Love the World (single), because I forgot I had it already when I bought it again.
  • Not pictured is the LEVEL 3 tour Blu-Ray because I hadn’t recieved it in the mail when I took these photos
  • Also not pictured are the 7 posters I own (Spice, Spring of Life, Spending All My Time, Mirai no Museum, Magic of Love, 3rd Tour JPN and 4th Tour LEVEL 3 posters)